Visual POS Back Office

Easily manage your franchise operations, or multiple sites with Visual POS Back Office.

Information is collected from all sites and directed back to your head office where it is stored. Handling multiple outlets can then be easily managed from one central location just as if you were on site. Financial information, employee information, customer databases, and menu and product setup can all be co-ordinated from one central location; requiring less man-power and reducing the cost, stress and time involved in managing multiple outlets.

Visual POS Back Office integrates with Visual POS QSR, Visual POS Fine Dining, Prep Stations and Driver Stations.



Handle multiple sites with one package

All the features of Visual POS systems as if you were on site

Remotely manage menus and product databases

Run centralized marketing campaigns

Customer database and reports updated daily

Detailed, comprehensive reporting

Run menu training from head office

Store sales information and reports off-site

Fully integrated with the Visual POS suite of products

Easy setup and user interface