CCTV Digital Video Recording (DVR)

Digital recording systems integrating directly with your systems and protecting your business.

No more searching through hours of video footage trying to track problems. Captiva DVR Systems integrate directly with our products. Simply click on an order to view a full history, and play the video footage instantly for each event for that order. VPOS Scan overlays text on your video screen so you can see exactly what is being pressed on screen, e.g. user-login attempts, order-taking, opening cash drawers etc.

On screen text overlay for ultimate clarity.



Direct integration with Visual POS suite of products

Text overlay on video recording allows you to view system activity

Wide range of camera options

Replay video from orders directly from reports

Available in 4,8 and 16 Channels

Internal HDD Capacity of up to 4 terabytes

Remote dial-in viewing

Remote access to video and audio files

32 channels of simultaneous remote playback

Address book

File save by date/time/camera

Export video footage

Continuous playback

EXE-format export

AVI-format export

Access control

DVD-format export

Backup using embedded Nero